Virtual Private Server – An Overview

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are extremely popular for the simple reason that it allows one to leverage his operating system with the same system as other users at the same physical location. A virtual private server is essentially a single physical server sold as an independent service by an Internet based web hosting service. The virtual dedicated server too has got a similar meaning in the sense that it allows each user to have the same operating system as his neighbors.

One of the many benefits of VPS servers is the fact that it comes along with various levels of security features. While most of the shared hosting plans come with shared hosting plan security is a major concern as it allows an unauthorized person to make alterations to your website and gain access to all the data stored in your website. In such cases the security of your website can get hampered, leading to eventual failure of the site. You need to make sure that you come across a VPS that comes with at least two levels of security along with a robust firewall so that your data is kept safe.

Another great advantage of a virtual private server over dedicated resources is the fact that you can use them for applications which require a lot of memory but do not require too much CPU power. Since they come along with their own operating system and are virtually isolated from any other external source, you can use them to run various operating systems like Red Hat, Linux, Apache etc. at the same time. They are ideal for running applications and scripts on a single machine without the fear of affecting the performance of other applications hosted on that machine.


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