RoR Application Directories in-depth

There are quite a number of directories locate in the apps folder we have just created so to de-mystify them here are some explanations which hopefully would help you out. The directory “app/controllers” is where Rails searches for the controller classes which controls the web request from the user. The next one is the, “app/views” folder which houses the templates to which the data from the app is converted to HTML and then returned to the user’s browser. The next folder houses the “apps/models” subdirectory which contains the data classes that wraps the data stored within the application’s database (this is the messiest part of the framework in other frameworks). Then last of the vital sub-directories is the “app/helpers” which hold the helper classes of data that assists the view, model and controller classes keeping them small, organized and focused on the task it is supposed to do in the first place.

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