RoR and Text Editors Part-1

Though there is no preferred editor in the coding and editing of programs which is usually left to the programmer to decide. There are a couple of purpose built editors that can be used with RoR.

Emacs, has a quite simple configuration that accompanies its use and allows simultaneously displays changes as they are made hence it�s classification as a Display Editor. It also has a nifty help function the user can evoke by the simple press of the Ctrl-H keys. The Point feature allows the definition of the position of a character as they are entered onto the keyboard. The Echo Area Feature is a segment on the lower bottom of the screen editor that shows the amount of characters on the screen for various purposes should they be needed. The Mode Line is the last line on the screen which is signified by the starting and ending with dashes on the screen. Like all editors, Emacs has a menu bar where all the options available to the user can be found making use simpler instead of having to memorize special key combinations.

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