All about Web Servers

There are a lot of web servers that are compatible with Rails, but Apache and Lighttpd are said to be the most popular. Any web server that supports mod_ruby (Apache), CGI, or SCGI can be used for running Rails. You may also want to try tinkering with Lighttpd, which can rival Apache 2.0.54 in speed, by using MPM Worker on Debian 3.1 (claimed to be faster than Apache 1.x or2.x MPM Prefork). However, working with Lighttpd-1.4.10 can be very buggy so you might want to consider using Lighttpd-1.4.11 or a newer version instead. Zed Shaw’s Mongrel, a ruby based webserver that utilizes Cextensions to increase performance, is also another good option. You can run Mongrel on its own or in a cluster behind an Apache or a Lighttpd proxy.

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