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Smart Gadget Choices

There is no doubt these days that, to stay on top of things from friendships to work commitments, you have to have a gadget or two. That can be a daunting and expensive reality to face. It is a good thing there are ways to rationalize this reality and to trim down your would-be purchases.
Think first about use- specifically how and where you will use your gadget. Are you going to use it for socials or do you need to do heavy work on it? Do you need to be mobile or are you planning to do the bulk of your activity at home? This will help you decide between a desktop, laptop, notebook, net book, or a tablet. Then think about your need. Can you do most or all of your tasks with one or two gadgets, like a net book and an iPhone, instead of owning a shuffle, an iTouch, and iPhone, and a laptop? Finally consider payment; can you afford it and the subsequent maintenance?
Asking yourself these questions will help you make a smart gadget purchase.

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