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An iPad or a Kindle Fire?

This may be an easy comparison for some with the automatic answer being “iPad, of course!” If you examine your needs well, you may find that you can live well with a Kindle Fire.

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Yes, the iPad is the leader in touch screen technology. Apple’s touch screen grasp is arguably the best in the market. The Apple applications again are arguably the best. There is even a Kindle for iPad application.
The main drawback to this comparison is that the iPad is very expensive, Especially the latest version. If you are someone on a budget, or if you have kids and want a gadget that they can use as well but you have to stick to a strict budget, the iPad may not be an affordable option.

The Kindle Fire boasts of a colored touch screen that can play videos, games, show books and illustrated books. It is also supposed to be easy to use and kid friendly. The Kindle fire is also at least half the price of an iPad.

If you are someone who wants a tablet from a good manufacturer but does not have a big budget or does not want to spend too much, then the Kindle may be a good choice.

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