Ruby on Rails Programming Tips

Reasons to own a Smart Phone

When we think about the things we need in life today, gadgets are probably the last on the list, if they even make the list at all. A lot of folks would think that this is just a desire, a frivolity that really can be done without. What most do not realize is how the world is wired today. Here are some reasons why a gadget- most probably a smart phone- has become a necessity.

1. Most offices now have processes that are linked to online connectivity, storage online, payment methods online. If you are working, you will need a smart phone to at least be able to access work-related documents or to do work processes,
2. Payment methods are now faster and a lot cater more to online transactions. Especially in a world ruled by credit, being able to buy and pay online has become essential to daily activity.
3. Being in contact or contactable is absolutely important whether this be by family, or work, or for freelance projects.

So when making your list of ‘must have’s', stop and think hard if a mobile phone really isn’t one of them

Smart Gadget Choices

There is no doubt these days that, to stay on top of things from friendships to work commitments, you have to have a gadget or two. That can be a daunting and expensive reality to face. It is a good thing there are ways to rationalize this reality and to trim down your would-be purchases.
Think first about use- specifically how and where you will use your gadget. Are you going to use it for socials or do you need to do heavy work on it? Do you need to be mobile or are you planning to do the bulk of your activity at home? This will help you decide between a desktop, laptop, notebook, net book, or a tablet. Then think about your need. Can you do most or all of your tasks with one or two gadgets, like a net book and an iPhone, instead of owning a shuffle, an iTouch, and iPhone, and a laptop? Finally consider payment; can you afford it and the subsequent maintenance?
Asking yourself these questions will help you make a smart gadget purchase.

Database manipulation

The database has been initialized, so now we get down to business of defining the fields in that database and include a field that we would call a foreign key which allows the establishment of the one to many relationship between the tables. This part of the process requires quite a bit of background of database creation, manipulation and handling. It also requires knowledge regarding the workings of data types. So assuming you do not have much knowledge in such areas do some more reading to give you a better understanding of what how and why they are there. The ROR developers might say that it is very easy to do and use ROR but without the background on logic formulation, data types and manipulation as well as database handling the rest of the posts which would tackle ever hardening topics and operations would be very difficult to make sense of.

Don’t get me wrong, we just want to make life easier for you and not have you not understanding anything at all.

How to Send Email with Ruby on Rails

Perfect match for Ruby’s is sending email messages, email an instance of a general Email class and the message contents fit Rail’s template approach perfectly. Its flexibility is awesome; many of the emails you send from your web-based app will be very similar. Sending mail from Ruby on Rails can still be a bit trickier than anticipated a match made in programmer.

Why best website hosting is necessary for ruby on rails program

Ruby on rails program is getting popular by the day, and the more you dwell on the topic, the more exciting it becomes. You will find the concept even more attractive. The ruby language code is perfectly compatible with rails web framework. Any rails web application is quite easy to learn and use. The best example of this is the comparison of rails over java programming application. You will perhaps need to spend time and learn the java code, before you can even harbour thoughts to start implementing it. However, with rails, it is entirely different. It is more readymade, and you can use it just by learning simple basics of rail programming guide.

Therefore, rails are more in demand these days. Its easy use has practically made possible for every user to use it with greater degree of comfort. Now when you have such an important programming guide, you cannot risk your site’s reputation by hosting it on any hosting services. You should choose best website hosting service in order to provide your site’s visitors to have greater ease of browsing.

Best website hosting services also enables your site to rise above petty problems in terms of lower bandwidth, which can lead to all sorts of traffic problem. There are also many other advantages associated with best website hosting services, but before that, you must choose one for your site. Many hosting services claim high features, but they deliver little. Therefore, exercise caution when you choose hosting service.

Why promote your rails programming tips site with Best Hosting Companies

If you intend to start your rails programming tips website and are looking for online business opportunities, you will certainly succeed in finding one. This is because of the fact that there are a number of online business opportunities that have proved to be genuine and legitimate. Some of the affiliate marketing programs are really good in the sense that you will reap good benefits and profits if you stick to the basics of online business. One of the basics of rails programming tips site is that you should go for your own blog or website and must not depend solely on the affiliate website.

You will be given an affiliate website or the affiliate URL for sure by the company you are affiliated with. Do not depend just upon the affiliate URL. Instead you must aim to possess a website of your own to promote your business or the products. You should approach the services of some of the best hosting companies on the Internet. There are a number of them. All you have to do is browse over the Internet for a considerable period of time and identify the best hosting companies that suit your online business. Among them you choose the one that caters to the needs of your online business. It is very important to ensure your website is rightly hosted by the company and is ably supported by other extraordinary features such as bandwidth, disk space, up time and of course 24×7 online and email customer support. Once you have all these features you can be a relaxed entrepreneur.


The match can be called one made in heaven, that is to stress the point of a scripting language that has added benefits and power with the injection of code from languages such as ruby. JRuby as it is called has the ruby engine embedded within Java apps allowing both to do what they do best. Having one of the most powerful scripting languages to use the extensive open-source native libraries or the ones included when combined with other languages makes for one strong and powerful mix. Keep on reading!

Simplifying the previous program with modifiers

As said in the past post, there is an easier way of doing the stuff we did in the last program which would be very helpful when coding thousands of line of code when you do end up building your own programs is ruby.

class BookList
def [](key)
if key.kind_of?(integer)
result = @Books[key]
result = @Books.find { |aBooks| key ==}
return result

Simplifying the code further by using the ‘if’ statement as a modifier it becomes a shorter easier to attain the same results as with the first program:

class Booklist
def [](key)
return @Books[key] if key.kind_of?(Integer)
return @Books.find { |aBooks| == key }

The use of the ‘find’ command in Ruby is simply a call to a function that is executed and it can be compared to a block call in many other languages such as Perl, C++ or Java.

Upgrading Rails


One tip to upgrade your Rails is by running Gem to get the latest release. You can do this using:

gem update rails -y
sudo gem update rails -y

If you are planning to upgrade your existing projects in Rails, you can try the following method:

• Open your_project/config/environment.rb and change RAILS_GEM_VERSION to determine the version you just upgraded to.
• Run rake rails:update from your project’s root directory (this will copy in new versions of javascript libraries, etc.).
• Check to make sure that any tests you may have written still pass.

Also remember to use gem cleanup to remove older versions of rails.

Mac’s and Ruby – Nice!

The somewhat hidden world of the Mac from Apple has remained in place as one of the alternate PC manufacturers the world over. Many have been forecasting the demise of the computer maker but with their venture into other avenues such as the multimedia gadget market and others have allowed them to remain a figure in the computing industry. Thous everybody knows that Mac’s are overall more stable than PC’s there are still not enough versions of popular software available for Macs compared to other computing platforms. Keep on reading!