Ruby on Rails Programming Tips

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The match can be called one made in heaven, that is to stress the point of a scripting language that has added benefits and power with the injection of code from languages such as ruby. JRuby as it is called has the ruby engine embedded within Java apps allowing both to do what they do best. Having one of the most powerful scripting languages to use the extensive open-source native libraries or the ones included when combined with other languages makes for one strong and powerful mix. Keep on reading!

Simplifying the previous program with modifiers

As said in the past post, there is an easier way of doing the stuff we did in the last program which would be very helpful when coding thousands of line of code when you do end up building your own programs is ruby.

class BookList
def [](key)
if key.kind_of?(integer)
result = @Books[key]
result = @Books.find { |aBooks| key ==}
return result

Simplifying the code further by using the ‘if’ statement as a modifier it becomes a shorter easier to attain the same results as with the first program:

class Booklist
def [](key)
return @Books[key] if key.kind_of?(Integer)
return @Books.find { |aBooks| == key }

The use of the ‘find’ command in Ruby is simply a call to a function that is executed and it can be compared to a block call in many other languages such as Perl, C++ or Java.

Upgrading Rails


One tip to upgrade your Rails is by running Gem to get the latest release. You can do this using:

gem update rails -y
sudo gem update rails -y

If you are planning to upgrade your existing projects in Rails, you can try the following method:

• Open your_project/config/environment.rb and change RAILS_GEM_VERSION to determine the version you just upgraded to.
• Run rake rails:update from your project’s root directory (this will copy in new versions of javascript libraries, etc.).
• Check to make sure that any tests you may have written still pass.

Also remember to use gem cleanup to remove older versions of rails.

Mac’s and Ruby – Nice!

The somewhat hidden world of the Mac from Apple has remained in place as one of the alternate PC manufacturers the world over. Many have been forecasting the demise of the computer maker but with their venture into other avenues such as the multimedia gadget market and others have allowed them to remain a figure in the computing industry. Thous everybody knows that Mac’s are overall more stable than PC’s there are still not enough versions of popular software available for Macs compared to other computing platforms. Keep on reading!

Next Step : Creating Empty Applications

Now that all has been set-up and is working, you should be able to create empty apps which is merely defining the application using rails which automatically creates all the necessary directories that are needed. Open a command prompt window and go to the directory where it was installed and proceed into the rails_apps directory. Type in ‘rails filename’ and rails creates all the necessary directories you would be needing for the development process. Don�t get freaked out when you see the multitude of directories for they will be filled out by “RAILS” and not by you manually. The next post will discuss some of the nuances of those dizzying directories to take some of the fog over them out.

Necessity for a Hash Key

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The only restriction for a hash key is that it must reply to the message hash with a hash value, and the hash value for a given key must not alter. This means that certain classes (such as Array and Hash, as of this writing) can’t conveniently be used as keys, because their hash values can change based on their contents.

If you keep an external reference to an object that is used as a key, and use that reference to alter the object and change its hash value, the hash lookup based on that key may not work.
Because strings are the most frequently used keys, and because string contents are often altered, Ruby treats string keys specially. If you use a String object as a hash key, the hash will replace the string internally and will use that duplicate as its key. Any changes afterward made to the original string will not influence the hash.

If you write your own classes and use instances of them as hash keys, you need to make sure that either (a) the hashes of the key objects don’t change once the objects have been created or (b) you bear in mind to call the Hash#rehash method to reindex the hash whenever a key hash is altered.

How to Install RubyGems and Rails on a Shared Web Host

by Chubs


RubyGems or Gem allows you to install extra packages and libraries for Ruby. You need Gem before installing Rails. You can get the latest version of RubyGems here.

cd /temp
tar -zxvf rubygems-0.8.10.tgz
cd rubygems-0.8.10

To install RubyGems, you need to use Ruby to call the setup script:

ruby setup.rb

Here, you should see “Successfully built RubyGem” if it’s finished. Next, open the file “/usr/local/ruby/bin/gem” in your favorite text editor (such as vi) and edit the first line so you’ll know where to find your custom Ruby installation. Example:


Now, add a few more symlinks:

cd /usr/local/bin
ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/erb erb
ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/eruby eruby
ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/gem gem
ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/gem_server gem_server
ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/testrb testrb
ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/update_rubygems update_rubygems

RubyGems is now installed. To install Rails, use:

gem install rails –remote

Ensuring Ruby App Security

Experts agree on the importance of each and every app deployed using Ruby, one of the most powerful but least used platforms for building apps on the internet. Twitter is one of the best examples of the hidden talents of Ruby on which it is built upon.
On any app, there is usually a login process to which controls should be attached for logged in doesn’t mean goodie user. User authentication should be very much defined to authorization to do anything in an app so try to make this area robust with login expiry, and limiting access to changeable areas of the app.