Ruby on Rails Programming Tips

The Gadget Question

There can be no denying that gadgets today can do so much for a person. Truth be told, a person can do almost anything on the gadgets these days. It has been said that a person can read, go on all kids of social media, do groceries, shop, conduct bank transactions, and basically operate the lighting in the house from a gadget. So one important question is, does a person need one of each kind of gadget, or is one enough?


The answer is simpler that it looks. It really depends on use. If you are the kind of person who does all of the above plus more on your gadget, then perhaps a tablet is the best choice for you. It can be your ebook reader, your music player, your social media hub, your business center, and your banking support all in one. But, if you are a simpler person who uses his or her gadget just for reading, music, calls, and the occasional surfing, a smart phone might be a more afforable choice.

Website designing & development

Web hosting is a crude term which applies to a group of activities conducted online. For an average website, web hosting refers to everything related to its planning & designing, the coding & optimization, database scripting, the networking, legal and security issues related to the website. However, many people, by the term web hosting, simply refer to the technical (and not the creative) part of the building process.

The best hosting packages are based upon an amalgamation of the above activities to present you with an optimum hosting package to serve your needs. An advanced user will tend to use the most successful technologies in his website for a successful output & a global appeal. The client side scripting technologies mainly use HTML & CSS (highly common, simple yet powerful frameworks), FLASH (with its in-house action script), Javascript, Silverlight (developed by Microsoft, a plug-in which enables the presentation of animations, vector graphics, etc. in your browser, and so on. The server side scripting is comparatively much boring & monotonous, and employs high end technologies like ASP & ColdFusion (both of which are proprietary and belong to Microsoft and Adobe respectively). There are many other open source development systems (which are reaching out to the masses more successfully) like PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Pajamas tool will help you with both the client as well as server side scripting.

Purchasing the best hosting package, planning a good website & building it using the most appropriate technologies is what it takes to be a proud owner of a successful online venture.

All about Web Servers


There are a lot of web servers that are compatible with Rails, but Apache and Lighttpd are said to be the most popular. Any web server that supports mod_ruby (Apache), CGI, or SCGI can be used for running Rails. You may also want to try tinkering with Lighttpd, which can rival Apache 2.0.54 in speed, by using MPM Worker on Debian 3.1 (claimed to be faster than Apache 1.x or2.x MPM Prefork). However, working with Lighttpd-1.4.10 can be very buggy so you might want to consider using Lighttpd-1.4.11 or a newer version instead. Zed Shaw’s Mongrel, a ruby based webserver that utilizes Cextensions to increase performance, is also another good option. You can run Mongrel on its own or in a cluster behind an Apache or a Lighttpd proxy.

RoR and Text Editors Part-2

More on text editors that are used with RoR and we not discuss VIM or Vi Improved. Vim like Emacs is quite efficient and easy to use with RoR provided it is set-up properly. The nice about Vim is that it has the nifty way of highlighting syntax in ruby making it easy to trace and debug. It features advanced features such as having a selective command and insert mode with the first being the default mode upon startup. It is not a word processor so fonts and other word processor features are not to be expected.

One of the quickest and easiest to use as a text editor for making RoR programs with straightforward interface and features mostly adept to windows users. Though considered a text editor it is capable of syntax highlighting, search , spell check and macro recording which makes it a choice of many developers.

Is deployable on both windows based and Unix based systems and is considered to be the native editor of RoR. It was not too user friendly so it quickly lost favor of many developers who turned to the other specified editors for programming code.

September-Ruby on rails programming roundup

The news just kept showing every day, what a great Ruby on Rails for September. Since it was launched it was being supported and its just getting bigger and bigger. There are many list of programmers who featured Ruby on Rail (ROR), there are new blogs studies and resource tutorials or software.

Debugging Rails


You can always debug your application and get it back on the rails if ever it something goes wrong. You have to check the application log files. See to it that “tail –f” commands are running on the server.log and development.log. Rails will then show debugging and runtime information to these files and debugging information will also be displayed in the browser on requests from

Using the Ruby logger class from inside your controllers, you can also log your own messages directly into the log file from your code like:

class WeblogController < ActionController::Base
def destroy
@weblog = Weblog.find(params[:id])
@weblog.destroy“#{} Destroyed Weblog ID ##{}!”)

On the High Rails with Ruby

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is the recent addition to the Internets DIY (Do it Yourself) Magic Kit. It is an open source web application development framework based on the Ruby Programming Language. Like its parent, it is highly user friendly, much simpler to learn & apply & has time proven outputs to justify its unearthed position in the market. If you have dreamt of putting up your website online with all that interactive thingies, now is the chance.

Buy your own domain & your web space. You can find a lot of cheap web hosting services online, after a small research of course. Find out the services they offer you, the bandwidth, the email accounts, the security features & so on. With a good & cheap web hosting services and Ruby on Rails to assist you, you can set up a cyber wonder in no time.

Though Ruby on Rails embodies a lot of libraries (like Prototype and others) developed in Javascript for Ajax, it is much simpler than Java itself. If you assume learning all the tricks & codes of core Java in a period of two months, Ruby on Rails will give you the same power in a couple of weeks, thanks to its easy to use “snippets”. Plus, the output can be derived in the globally acclaimed HTML & XML formats. The latest release (3.0.7) carries forward the “Convention over Configuration (CoC)” Legacy of the Rails Core Team. Thanks to the third party developers, many plug-ins have been devised for various platforms.

Maintenance is Important

Computers are essential today. If you work, in a company or on your own, even if you do not and just want to stay connected to family and friends, you need a computer. This is necessary because a lot of communication is not conducted online. That said, making sure your computer is taken care of should be on your list of regular things to do.

cleaning computers

Care for the computer is not only about firewalls and anti-virus software. It is also about the maintenance of hardware. So here are some quick basics. Make sure your computer area is always clean. Do not eat, drink, or smoke around the computer as this increases dirt and risk of damage. Make sure you clean inside your computer by moving and dusting regularly. You need to be unplugged form the power source, unscrew the case, and use an air device of some sort for dusting. Finally, make sure the case itself is wiped with a clean, soft, and dry cloth regularly.

These simple steps will lengthen the life of your hardware.

Checking for Dependencies

There should be a constant check done to ensure all patches and updates issued are configured and integrated properly to prevent issues. Passwords should never be stored as plain text in databases, so include some form of encryption whenever possible. Parameters and other settings that can be saved onto logfiles (for obvious activity auditing) should be screened for any that can give unwelcome access to the app.
Do check for code injections that is a common occurrence in today’s dangerous internet environment.
These and a couple more security checks should be included in your security audit to ensure you have a reasonably secure application that will surely make itself apparent should you need to look for issues in the near future.

List of Rails Web Hosts


Here is a list of web hosting services which support Ruby on Rails in case you might be looking for one for your website:


• A2 Hosting
• BILES ONLINE Ruby on Rails Hosting
• BlueHost
• Crucial Paradigm
• Dedicated Hosting
• Domain Gurus
• Hosting Rails
• JaguarPc
• SpeedyRails
• Zowes Web Hosting


• Exaltinfo
• RailsFactory
• Web Development India
• Web Hosting Delhi


• Anchor Systems
• Avial Web Design and Hosting
• Crucial Australia
• Hostcentral


• Blacknight Solutions
• Brightbox
• GPcom Media
• Media72 Hosting

For the complete list of Rails web hosts, visit: