Ruby on Rails Programming Tips

List of Rails Web Hosts


Here is a list of web hosting services which support Ruby on Rails in case you might be looking for one for your website:


• A2 Hosting
• BILES ONLINE Ruby on Rails Hosting
• BlueHost
• Crucial Paradigm
• Dedicated Hosting
• Domain Gurus
• Hosting Rails
• JaguarPc
• SpeedyRails
• Zowes Web Hosting


• Exaltinfo
• RailsFactory
• Web Development India
• Web Hosting Delhi


• Anchor Systems
• Avial Web Design and Hosting
• Crucial Australia
• Hostcentral


• Blacknight Solutions
• Brightbox
• GPcom Media
• Media72 Hosting

For the complete list of Rails web hosts, visit:

Next step : Creating the database for the filename application

The next phase or step would be to create a database for the application to use. Make sure the MySql engine is running and in the command window type “mysql -u root -p” and press enter and another enter for the password when prompted for there has not been any defined password yet. You are now logged into the engine as the root user and proceed to create the database by entering the following command “create database filename_development”. Also type in “grant all on filename_development.* to ‘ODBC’@'localhost’ this tells windows to grant access to a user named ODBC so you avoid an error when you try to access the said database from the command prompt. We next tackle the creation of tables that would allow the database to store the information we send it.

How to Install Ruby on a Shared Web Host

by Chubs


Create a directory for all of the software you are going to download and installed. In this example, the created directory is “temp” at the root of the files system, but you can use any name and location you like.

cd /
mkdir temp
chmod 775 temp

Now, download, configure and install Ruby. You can download the latest stable source tarball for Ruby here. Wget is used in this example:

cd temp
tar -zxvf ruby-1.8.2.tar.gz cd ruby-1.8.2

Specify an install directory since there are times when you won’t have permissions to install things in normal directories. Here, we can see the “configure” script for Ruby, creating a directory inside “/usr/local” for installation:

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/ruby –exec-prefix=/usr/local/ruby

Now, you have a Makefile that you can compile:

make install

Your Ruby is now installed. You should try making a symbolic link to Ruby somewhere in your local path:

ln -s /usr/local/ruby/bin/ruby /usr/local/bin/ruby

Learn Your Hashtags Manner

Hashtags popularity is definitely taking over the internet world and has become an integral part of the whole social media experience. Since twitter introduced it back in the 2008, the former ‘pound sign’ was never the same again. Now people hashtag as many as they can in any gadgets they have. Facebook also has already jumped in the bandwagon and supports hashtags. And even on other social networking sites that doesn’t support hashtags, people are still using it too. However, no matter how great we want our hashtags experience would be, some hastags are misused and can be so annoying for your friends, fans and followers. Most people who are guilty of breaking the hashtags etiquette are marketers but sometimes, even ordinary people do break the rules. Mind your manners! Here are some hastags etiquette you should bear in mind.

You can put multiple words together but don’t put too much (it’s just not an unpleasant sight) and be sure to omit spaces if you do and capitalize the first letter of each new word to make it easier on the eyes.

#do #not #tag #every #word #you #think #of
I know some pictures and statuses are hard to describe in one hashtag so sometimes you have plenty of them. But please not too many hashtags in one post please. This is common in facebook where there is no character limit.

dont jump on a trend without actually relating your post to the topic
Marketers are the ones guilty of this. Just because you want to spread your brand awareness doesn’t mean you should include a tag surrounding the latest celebrity gossip.

Avoid overusing descriptive synonym tags at the end of a post
#my2cents #idea #thought are the same in meaning. So you dont need to add all of those hashtags. It seems messy and unnecessary.

Ruby Symbols: Explained

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Many programmers old and new to ruby alike, get confused when they see Ruby symbols, sometimes or all the time. It will take a lot of getting used to, before you ever do this smoothly. A lot of us came to know about the Ruby language through Ruby on Rails projects. In Ruby on Rails, symbols are everywhere. I mean everywhere. So it is important to note and memorize the concept of symbols in Ruby.
A symbol in Ruby is an instance of the class Symbol. A symbol is defined by prefixing a colon with an identifier like “:name”, “:id” or “:user”. The Symbol class in Ruby contains one class method:

  • all_symbols and instance methods id2name, inspect, to_i, to_int, to_s and to_sym.
  • all_symbols – returns an array of all the symbols in Ruby’s symbol table.
  • id2name – returns the string representation of the symbol,:name.id2name returns “name”.
  • inspect – returns the symbol literally
  • to_i – returns an integer unique for each symbol
  • to_int – same as to_i
  • to_s – same as id2name
  • to_sym – converts the symbol to a symbol.

Hashes : In Layman’s Term

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One key feature of Ruby on Rails is Hashes. Now, just try to think of hashes like a PARTY. The party is a potluck occasion, naturally, each guest is required to bring an item or food. You will then need a LIST of all the guests, now this can be managed as an array. But you will also have to make a way to monitor all types of food that is being brought to the event. And to explain it further, you will want to know who is bringing the pasta, who will be bringing the fried chicken and so on. This is where Hashes come in. You will use hash to store value pairs or key pairs, this in turn will enable you to store that particular data. If for example Amanda is the “key”, and she brought cake, the variable stored and accessed by the key will be “cake”.

Ruby – Still on the Sidelines?

Ruby has long been fighting for recognition in the world of open-source development and in the past few years, it surely has managed to go mainstream with some major development projects. One surprising fact when it comes to overall popularity, recent development surveys show that use of the scripting language has jumped by 40% which may be sign that people are embracing more options in their drive to lower all costs with regard to the newer versions of the many flavors being used all over the globe. The updated Ruby on Rails 2.3 is a bit better and easier to use compared to previous to older versions and with the recession putting the brakes on many projects being planned, alternate methods of development and deployment have to be found to allow enterprise to continue with their plans with less costs. Keep on reading!

What is a Firewall?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for a long time, you will have had some exposure to the Internet and the wonderful world of computers in some way. The world has become increasingly more technological and more connected in its advancement.

There are lots of ways to ensure you and your toys are protected ranging from the extremely simple to the hard core complex solutions. If you aren’t one to spend a lot of time and money on complex security systems and if you don’t really need these as well based on your activities, then all you need are the basics. Make sure you get the firewalls set up in your gadget. A firewall is like a tech wall that filters data coming in and going out of your gadget so that you are protected from viruses of hackers that want to access your data. If you aren’t sure how to fix this, get someone to help you out. Don’t skip it as this is a basic requirement for internet security.

Reasons to own a Smart Phone

When we think about the things we need in life today, gadgets are probably the last on the list, if they even make the list at all. A lot of folks would think that this is just a desire, a frivolity that really can be done without. What most do not realize is how the world is wired today. Here are some reasons why a gadget- most probably a smart phone- has become a necessity.

1. Most offices now have processes that are linked to online connectivity, storage online, payment methods online. If you are working, you will need a smart phone to at least be able to access work-related documents or to do work processes,
2. Payment methods are now faster and a lot cater more to online transactions. Especially in a world ruled by credit, being able to buy and pay online has become essential to daily activity.
3. Being in contact or contactable is absolutely important whether this be by family, or work, or for freelance projects.

So when making your list of ‘must have’s', stop and think hard if a mobile phone really isn’t one of them

Smart Gadget Choices

There is no doubt these days that, to stay on top of things from friendships to work commitments, you have to have a gadget or two. That can be a daunting and expensive reality to face. It is a good thing there are ways to rationalize this reality and to trim down your would-be purchases.
Think first about use- specifically how and where you will use your gadget. Are you going to use it for socials or do you need to do heavy work on it? Do you need to be mobile or are you planning to do the bulk of your activity at home? This will help you decide between a desktop, laptop, notebook, net book, or a tablet. Then think about your need. Can you do most or all of your tasks with one or two gadgets, like a net book and an iPhone, instead of owning a shuffle, an iTouch, and iPhone, and a laptop? Finally consider payment; can you afford it and the subsequent maintenance?
Asking yourself these questions will help you make a smart gadget purchase.